The Suspension Bridge



The 240ft Suspension Bridge was constructed directly in front of the waterfalls in 2004. The boardwalks to the bridge also access public washrooms, High Mountain Patio with fountain, ice cream/snack shop, seating area, and additional boardwalks with viewing platforms. From the year-round Hot Pool area (or the highway) you can see Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge.

The bridge is a fun experience for young and old, in fact visitors from all over the world come to hear the roar (and feel the mist) of the waterfalls from this ribbon-type suspension bridge. In the spring you can hike to the High Mountain Patio and Suspension Bridge entrance to experience this unique area, which is on the border of the Okanagan and Kootenay Rockies region.

The design of this suspension bridge is well-suited for a pedestrian crossing over the deep canyon and was constructed with minimum impact upon the environment. The structure is a single span in which the bridge deck is suspended on hanger cables of uniform length and follows the profile of the main suspension cables with an overall sag of approximately nine feet at mid-span. In addition to pedestrian traffic based on an average live load of 104 pounds per square foot, Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge carries a number of electrical conduit for lighting, sound and security. It is easily navigated by most ages.

Hike the Gorge to view Crazy Creek above the waterfalls.  A newly constructed (2017) cantilevered walkway gives an excellent vantage point to further enjoy this pristine mountain stream.

Handicap/vehicle access is available by calling ahead.

Admission fees give access to the Suspension Bridge gorge area directly in front of the Waterfalls… plus the High Mountain Patio washrooms, snack shop, seating areas. Boardwalks, trails, Viewing Decks and stairs tame the gorge’s steep terrain and allow you to get up close to the two-stage waterfalls (about 7 minutes walk from the highway parking).

This seasonal attraction is open from Mid-April to Mid-November, dependent on snow fall.

Adult entrance fee $11.45 + tax (13 & older)
Children entrance fee $6.20+ tax (age 5 to 12)

Contact us to inquire about bus tours or special events.