Meeting Rooms


The large meeting room seats up to 100. This allows Crazy Creek Resort to host family reunions, smaller wedding receptions, concerts, staff or corporate meetings. Consider corporate retreats in a wilderness environment; and Family Reunions in BC (halfway between the Pacific and the Prairies!) Call toll-free 1-855-836-4097 to find discover how this four-season resort is a cost-effective and exciting place to have group events of all kinds.

All your guests can gather around the large grassy areas, stroll along the riverbanks, walk up to the falls, or relax in the hot pools. Gatherings of up to 100 can be accommodated in our new Convention Center.


The participants in your group get choices… from basic tent sites all the way up to large park models with deck and yard. A large gathering could reserve a corner section of our condo/ camping area.